Why Are Hawaiian Rock Walls So Popular?

Hawai’i is full of beautiful rock walls, from majestic ones in the city to rambling ones in the countryside. Some are fences, and some are cultural artifacts. A cultural treasure, lava rocks are also used to make stairs and walls. Whether a natural filtration system for storm water runoff or an architectural feature, these walls are both striking and functional. Read on to discover more about these wall structures.

Lava rocks are a cultural artifact:

It has been long believed that Hawaiians have a special relationship with lava rocks. They have long been associated with the islands and have become a popular building material on the islands. Lava rock walls are some of the most dramatic divisions globally and have become a popular feature of architecture on the island of Oahu. The colors, patterns, and shapes of lava rocks make them an appealing architectural element.

One example of this is the Kealakekua Bay State Historical Park on the western coast of Hawaii. This site contains a terrace of lava rocks raised to form a sacred temple called Hawaiian rock wall. In the 18th century, lava rock was piled 20 miles long and hand-passed to the site. This was a monumental undertaking, requiring the labor of thousands of men.

They are a natural filtration system for storm water runoff:

The islands of Hawaii have a unique filtration system for storm water runoff – their rock walls. In the past, volcanic eruptions caused molten rock to flow toward the sea, which eventually hardened and became the islands’ foundation. During this time, water from these eruptions carried many pollutants, including oil and grease, heavy metals, sediments, and trash. Pet waste is often present in storm water runoff, which usually flows into the nearest storm drain or is dumped into the ocean.

In Hawaii, the water is trapped in massive vertical compartments when it meets fine volcanic ash or clay-like soil. This traps the water, which can no longer seep downward, but instead moves sideways and can form a spring. Water seeps into these massive structures in Hawaii and becomes a valuable source locally. The island’s watershed has many aquifers, and many of these walls are now used to filter storm water runoff.

They can be used to build walls:

If you are looking for a unique way to create a beautiful wall, consider using Hawaiian rock walls. They are an excellent choice for a natural barrier against storms and erosion. Hawaiian rock walls are often made of blue rock, mined on the volcanic island. This type of rock has a smooth finish and is often used to create walls. Hawaiian rock walls can be fashioned in cantilever style or as a solid walls.

Whether you want a simple garden wall or a high-end, custom-built rock structure, you can find it in Hawaii. You can also find a company that specializes in building Hawaiian rock walls. There are many options, from primary lava rock walls to large stone structures. Some companies specialize in creating custom lava rock walls, and locals often refer to these to get the best results.

They can be used to build stairs:

In Hawaii, it is common to see giant rock walls, which are not made of solid rock, littering the landscape. These structures remind the locals of the skills of ancient Hawaiian stone masons, who built these structures by fitting a series of stones together to create a solid design. While rock walls may be sturdy, their durability depends on how the rocks are stacked. The best way to maintain the stability of such barriers is to place a thick layer of cement and an even surface.

The costs for rock wall construction vary according to the location of the building site and the quarries that supply the rocks. For construction near a source of materials, Hawaii Stone Masonry offers excellent deals. Rates’ prices vary on availability and quarries, so asking for an accurate quote is essential. The cost of cement and reinforcing steel bars can also be bought at a hardware store for around $21 a bag.

They are used to separate private property:

Rock walls in Hawaii are used to separate private property. They add beauty to private properties and serve as natural storm water filtration systems. Many homeowners have used stone drainage systems to separate their properties, including a rock wall on Kauai. Blue rock is a particular type of stone first found in Kauai and is now widely used in high-end homes across the islands. These walls are molded into any shape and can help separate private property from public land.

Some people say that using stone walls to divide private property is outdated. Thus, Hawaiian rock wall rock walls were treated as private fast land.

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