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What To Do When Your Front Door Lock Is Frozen

Cold weather arrives, soft snow, big jackets, tasty meals and along with it the little problems that characterize winter, among them, dealing with frozen things we can’t use. We may not mind the mailbox or our outdoor chair now covered in snow, but how do we service a frozen door

We can carefully try to do a few tricks that we are going to show you below, but the best option will always be to contact a professional to guide you to avoid damaging the door. Let’s get started!

Look at the real problem

We may think it’s the lock that’s frozen and that’s why we think it won’t open, but it could be that the whole door is frozen and you haven’t noticed it. To test this theory you only need to put the key in the lock and try to turn it, if it turns, it is very likely that our problem is the total freezing of the door structure, if not, then we may be facing a problem with the lock maru gujarat.

The first advice we will give you is that for anything in the world try to roll that lock and force it open to unfreeze it, what you can achieve is that it will break more easily as it is very weak at that moment.

Do you have a locksmith oil on hand? Apply it

 A little bit of lubrication can help the lock slowly start to move, if you are at home and already have one it would be great to avoid exposing yourself to snowy weather when trying to buy one. With it, we will apply very little product on the joints and around the lock and with a cloth start rubbing to generate some heat, without necessarily trying to open the lock.

In any case, read the packaging of your oil, many do not need to be spread to start working, and you should still wait a long time to use it, so we recommend you to take a magazine and warn that you will be late for work because your door froze. 

Hire a specialist

If the oil trick doesn’t work, then we are dealing with a temperamental lock, it may have frozen deeper to places we can’t reach without opening it completely, and of course, it’s better to call someone who knows about it to avoid breaking it and causing a disaster. 

And you may wonder, do locksmiths work in these conditions? Of course they do! Even though the usual ones are available, there are emergency locksmiths that work 24 hours a day and can do emergency maintenance on your lock so you can get in and out with peace of mind, plus, they will explain other little tips for the same situation depending on your type of lock.

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