What Do Wedding Guests Enjoy at a Wedding?

Your wedding day is essentially *yours*, and you will want everything to go your way, but it makes sense that you might also want your guests to enjoy your special day with you, which is why it is important that you think about them too – just a little bit.

You might have some really niche ideas about what you want to do at your wedding, which you should definitely include! But make sure you have something on offer that the majority of your guests will enjoy so they are happy when they spend your special day with you.

You can’t go wrong with these tips – let’s get into it.

1)   Good Food and Drink

One of the most anticipated moments at any wedding is when the food and drink make an appearance. From the first moment those appetizers come out after the ceremony, and the prosecco starts flowing, it is game on for everyone. You can choose anything from elegant sit-down dinners to fun food stations, and there are so many options available that you should be able to appease everyone’s taste buds. Some couples choose to offer a signature cocktail or provide an open bar, which is always a solid move to get the party started. Consider a wedding bartending service to take care of everyone’s liquid needs.     2) Get Ready to Entertain

2) Get Ready to Entertain

To get the party started, you need a party in place. Weddings are a fantastic opportunity for guests to let loose, kick back, and dance the night away – so make sure they are able to do that! A great DJ or live band can really set the tone for the evening and get everyone making shapes on the dance floor. You might also want to add some unique touches, such as a photo booth, outside games, or something more out of the box, such as fire breathers!

3)   Get Personal

Couples who add personal touches to their wedding can create a sweet, memorable experience for their guests. Simple touches like handwritten notes or personalized favors can really make guests feel appreciated and welcomed and give them something special to take home. You might also choose to incorporate cultural traditions into your wedding to make it truly yours. It’s always the little things that leave the biggest impressions.

4)   Socializing

Weddings are a great opportunity for guests to catch up with old friends and family. For many guests, attending a wedding means seeing people they haven’t seen in a while, which can be secretly what they are really looking forward to! After the ceremony drinks and appetizers, dinner, and, of course, the reception is a great time for everyone to mingle and enjoy time with loved ones. Some couples decide to create a seating chart that encourages guests to mingle with people they may not know, but you know your guests best. If you don’t want to set off Uncle Keith on politics in the middle of the best man’s speech, maybe avoid putting him next to your close friend Greg.

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