Ways to Make Online Learning Fun: Tips for Teachers

Teaching online is the new norm. It has so many advantages for both the teachers and the students. You can teach and learn from anywhere by using an online teaching app, record classes, keep a record of everything on a platform, etc.

However, you may require to make changes in your way of teaching when you teach online.

Here are some tips on how you can make online learning fun for your students:

1. Make the Optimum Use of Technology

Use the technology for your benefit as much as you can. Choose an online education app that comes with just the features that you are looking for. Make sure that it has basic features such as live teaching, automated attendance, performance tracker, etc.

Test out the app and run a trial and get comfortable with it before you start teaching. Also, give your students quick navigation through the app so that they are familiar with the app and do not face difficulty using it.

Integrate videos, audio, graphics, add games, etc., to make your lessons fun.

2. Set Goals for the Class

Set goals for yourself before you start a new lesson or a new semester. Do the same with the students. Set goals for them so that they have their next step prepared.

Keep a check on your students’ progress through tests, assignments and quizzes but make it fun. Once they achieve their goals, you should reward and praise them. Celebrate their progress along with them.

3. Modify Classroom Activities

When teaching in a traditional classroom, there are many ways you can engage with your students such as asking them to raise their hand if they know an answer, looking at their facial expressions, etc. Since you are not physically present in the class, you will have to modify such activities to meet the online learning requirement.

You can use the feature that comes in the online classes app that allows students to raise their hands virtually. If the feature is missing, you can simply ask them to type in their doubts or anything in the chatbox. For looking at their expressions, you can ask them to keep their cameras on.

Whatever you do, make sure to create a safe and encourage them to participate in the class.

4. Make Your Students Feel Valued

Your students are learning in isolation, however, never let them feel it. They might get demotivated realizing that they do not matter. Hence, make them feel valued.

  • Ask them for their views and opinions on any matter that you might discuss.
  • Ask them for their preferred deadlines for assignments.
  • Whenever possible, given that you have an option, let the students choose which topic they want to study.
  • Give them positive feedback.
  • Call them by their names while teaching.

Final Thoughts

Online classes can be made fun with your efforts and the involvement of students. Promote class participation, use new tools and methods of teaching and most importantly, create a safe and healthy online learning environment.

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