Want a Feel-Good Beverage That Tastes Great? Try Guava Tea 

If your day-to-day routine involves you often reaching for sodas rather than something a bit more healthy, then you need to know about guava tea. Packed with goodness and native to Southern Mexico and Central America, the guava plant is also grown in Asia, Southern California, Hawaii and Florida.

Known for its wonderfully sweet taste, the fruit of the guava tree is popular with people across the world. However, there’s much on offer in its leaves, which are famed for being high in iron, as well as important elements like vitamin C.

The Health Support Offered By Guava Tea

As is the case with pretty much every type of tea in existence, tea made with guava leaves is full of vitamins, minerals, nutrients and other useful health-supporting compounds. Guava tea offers what’s inside guava leaves. However, it’s in a much-diluted form.

All this health benefit, however, doesn’t come at a calorific cost, as the beverage contains zero calories, zero fat and just 1 gram of carbs. Being diluted, the vitamins and minerals you get aren’t at a terribly hight level, but the polyphenols (a type of antioxidant) give the body a lot.

Ways In Which Tea Made With Guava Leaves Helps

As there’s all this health support being provided, there are a number of ways in which tea made from guava leaves can help you. Let’s take a glance at just a few ways in which the tea helps you…

  • Settling Upset Stomachs – when diarrhoea strikes, it can be miserable, with you not knowing when and where you’re going to have to find a toilet fast. However, with guava leaf tea, many people have found that the drink helps to bring the episode to a halt faster, especially when the diarrhoea is caused by an infection.
  • Bringing Down Blood Sugar – insulin and blood sugar play a big part in your energy levels and ability to absorb carbs. Diabetes occurs when an imbalance occurs in these area, however, guava leaf tea consumed after eating can help to keep those sugar spikes down, and is known to be ok to drink at the same time as taking diabetes medication (although we’d always check with your physician first).
  • Anti-fungal & Anti-microbial Properties – if there weren’t already enough, guava leaf tea has been proven to offer both anti-fungal and anti-bacterial qualities. Combined with the flavonoids inside, you get a powerful free-radical-busting beverage that tastes great to boot!

Why Not Swap Out Soda For Guava Tea Today?

Mid-morning and mid-afternoon energy crashes are common in modern society, mainly because of the lifestyles we lead and the demands life puts on us each day. Drinks like carbonated soda contribute to this phenomenon, making you crave your bed long before it’s actually time to go to sleep.

Guava leaf tea, however, offers an energizing boost, while also helping you fight free radicals, keep your blood sugar levels in check and settle a diarrhoea flareup when it occurs.

It would seem that you could gain an awful lot from switching, so why not consider it today? It’s a tasty drink that you should certainly try at some point and who knows, it could be your next favorite drink?

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