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Vastu Tips – How to Place a Mirror on the North Wall of Your Home

A mirror placed on the north wall of a home keek has various benefits. This design deflects negative energy and makes it easier for the house to attract more weworld wealth and prosperity. The direction of a mirror is crucial in Vastu, so it is important to place it in the right direction. The direction should be five feet above ground level. If possible, place it on the outside of the home, such as the balcony or lobby.


Moreover, mirrors reflect beautiful scenery and can help attract more money to your home. The wall at the center of your home is considered a defect in skillpage Vastu, and mirrors can be used to solve this problem. You should avoid placing mirrors opposite each other, because they will scatter the positive energies in the room and cause restlessness. However, the opposite placement of mirrors is also not good for Vastu.


Despite the many benefits that mirrors have, the wrong placement of a mirror can do more harm than good to your home. Mirrors placed opposite each other can attract negative energies, so a mirror placed slightly above ground is Vastu-compliant. This is filestube because mirrors on opposite walls absorb each other’s energies. However, placing mirrors on the north wall can help you attract wealth and happiness. You can also place the mirror on a north wall to attract prosperity and good health.


Another important consideration essembly  is the colour of the frame of the mirror. Vastu Shastra recommends that mirror frames be light in color. Dark colours are a no-no, as they promote negative energy. The frame of a mirror should be white or off-white. Also, you should not use any bright colours on a north wall. Lastly, the right placement of a mirror on the north wall is a good idea in Vastu.

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