Things About Sunscreen Spray You’ll Really Want to Know

Go online today, and you’ll see that when searching for sun protection, sunscreen spray is pretty much everywhere. It’s not by accident that they’ve become so popular, as sunscreen spray products are super convenient, easy to use and cost-effective.

The thing is, if you’ve always used regular sun tan lotion, you might be wondering what all the fuss is about. If so, then come with us now as we look at some big things about spray sunscreens that you should know before you go spending your hard-earned cash.

Mineral Sunscreen Spray Is By Far the Best 

As a customer, you’re typically presented with two primary options when shopping for spray sunscreen; chemical and mineral. Chemical brands are absorbed into the skin, helping UV rays to be broken down into heat and dissipated. However, this means that they can be irritating to the skin, particularly as some of the ingredients are a bit harsh.

Mineral sunscreen spray, on the other hand, is about as gentle as it gets due to being made from a natural compound – zinc oxide. So, if you’ve got any skin sensitivities, it’s the option you should go for.

Titanium Dioxide Sprays Aren’t Great

Zinc oxide is not the only compound used in mineral sunscreens, as titanium dioxide is also widely used. Titanium oxide is also very effective at protecting you against UV rays, however, the issue when it comes to sunscreen spray, is that it’s linked with lung problems.

The reason this is the case is that titanium dioxide particles are very, very small, meaning that they’re more easily inhaled. This can be exacerbated on a windy day, resulting in you also getting a mouthful of the stuff! We can tell you, it’s not pleasant.

You can get around the issue by spraying it into your hand first, but there’s still a risk when it’s blustery outside, so we’d recommend sticking to mineral brands.

Don’t Settle For Less Than Broad Spectrum Protection

Something you should also have a keen eye out for is whether the spray you’re buying offers broad-spectrum protection or not. What’s meant by the term? Well, it refers to the fact that both UVA and UVB rays exist, with both being responsible for damaging the skin and making it look older.

If you don’t go for a product that offers broad spectrum coverage, you won’t get protection against both, meaning that UVA rays (the kind that makes it through the clouds) will be able to dry out and damage your skin without any hindrance at all.

The Sunscreen Spray You Buy Matters

Spray sunscreens are more convenient and easy to apply, but as we’ve seen, the product you buy matters. Sadly, not all products of this type are created equally, which is why we’d encourage you to consider the biggest brands on the market that have a proven track record.

Big brands like Blue Lizard have created formulas that offer the best protection on the market. They may cost slightly more than other, inferior products, but at the end of the day in the sun, when you’re sunburn-free, you’ll know where that extra money went.

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