The Top 5 Laser Hair Removal Devices

India Has Professional Laser Hair Removal Equipment

In India, there are now five main types of laser hair removal devices, each with unique characteristics and intricate workings. Each laser device has its own unique specifications for compatibility for various skin types and entails a varied cost of treatment. The following are the top five laser hair removal devices in India:

YAG laser hair removal device, Soprano ICE laser hair removal device, and Diode laser hair removal device

Laser Hair Removal System Ruby

Laser Hair Removal using Alexandrite

Let’s now examine the advantages and disadvantages of each Laser hair removal device utilized in the industry.

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The Soprano ICE laser is the best laser hair removal device available today. It is produced by Alma Lasers, one of the top laser machine manufacturers in the world. Diode (810 nm) and Alex are two wavelengths on which it may operate (755nm). This demonstrates that this particular device is effective on a variety of skin and hair types. It is a laser hair removal method that the US FDA has authorized. The operation is made painless and comfortable by the applicator’s built-in cooling mechanism, which also guards against heat harm to the nearby superficial skin layers.

Skin Types Treated: It may cure all skin types, including tanned skin, from I to VI.

Who Uses It? The Soprano ICE laser hair removal equipment is used by renowned skin clinics that provide cutting-edge cosmetic procedures. The equipment should only be used by qualified specialists who adhere to rigorous standards and take all required safety precautions, ideally a licensed dermatologist.

Machine Cost: The Soprano ICE laser hair removal system costs between Rs. 38 lakh and Rs. 45 lakh. Many skin clinics choose to use it because of its adaptability, great coverage, and enhanced efficiency, which it offers and which works on all skin types. The cost of a professional laser hair removal treatment is determined by the equipment’s cost. Even if the cost per session is more than for other hair removal procedures utilizing various laser technologies, the technique is generally more affordable and secure enough to be used on sensitive places.

Its benefits include:

offers a painless process that doesn’t create any particularly unpleasant symptoms.

Safe for all skin tones, including fair, dark, and tanned skin.

All hair kinds, including thick, medium, and fine hair, are successfully removed by the machine.

After the session, there was none.

no negative consequences

Cons of Using It: The Soprano ICE’s cost per session of laser hair removal treatment turns out to be on the pricier side when compared to other laser devices on the market.

According to industry experts, Soprano ICE is the best laser hair removal technology that can be used on all skin and hair types. It is not possible to do laser hair removal after the tattoo removal session

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The melanin pigment within the follicular unit and the stem cells responsible for hair development are destroyed by this hair removal device using a long-pulsed Neodymium Yttrium Aluminium Garnet (Nd: YAG) laser with a wavelength of 1064 nm. This device is frequently used because it fully absorbs melanin and reduces its ability to disperse beneath the skin. Aside from those with pale complexion, darker skin tones can utilize it safely. A further benefit of utilizing this device is that dermatologists may treat even the tiniest places, which are difficult to reach with its tip.

Suitable for both fair and dark skin types, skin types treated (skin types I to VI).

Who Uses It? : The Nd: YAG laser is commonly used in skin clinics to remove unwanted hair. The equipment should only be used by qualified specialists who adhere to rigorous standards and take all required safety precautions, ideally a licensed dermatologist.

Cost of Machine: The price of a Nd:YAG laser machine ranges from Rs 2.5 lakh to Rs 7.5 lakh. The manufacturer and the caliber of the equipment influence this price. The cost of therapy will be less expensive per session than Soprano ICE.

Its benefits include:

little possibility of irritation and burning following therapy.

It is ideal for Indian skin and dark tones because of the longer wavelength.

Compared to previous lasers, this device allows dermatologists to treat wider regions including the legs, back, and chest more swiftly.

Hair regrowth between treatments is slowed as a result.

Drawbacks of using it:

On finer and lighter hair, less effective.

might be uncomfortable and need the use of outside cooling agents.

Compared to in-motion technology, it necessitates a longer session.

Expert Evaluation Most of the time, especially on Indian skin, the Nd: YAG laser produces outstanding results.

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The diode laser device targets the melanin in the hair follicles by penetrating the skin at a wavelength of 810 nm, which comes from semiconductors. The laser’s energy kills the hair follicles.

Skin Types Treated: Dermatologists use it to effectively reduce hair on patients with medium to dark skin tones.

Who Uses It: Both beauty salons and cosmetic clinics provide this kind of laser. It is advised that only qualified individuals use the device, ideally a licensed dermatologist.

A diode laser hair removal device costs between Rs. 5 lakh and Rs. 6 lakh. There is virtually any difference between the cost of the Nd: YAG laser session and the diode laser when comparing the price per session of hair removal.

Its benefits include:

well penetrates the skin

effective hair reduction is achieved.

Dark and medium complexion tones can wear it.

Depending on the skin and hair types being treated, it delivers a variable wavelength.

effectively removes chest and back hair that is coarse and dense.

does not harm the epidermis.

Drawbacks of using it: When treating finer and lighter hair, it does not provide effects.

Review by an expert: Discuss with your dermatologist how effective it will be for your skin type as it works best for medium to dark skin tones.

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One of the first commercially available laser hair removal devices is the Ruby laser hair removal device. Laser Hair Removal Side Effects and Risks It provides a secure and largely painless method of hair removal. On light skin, it works well for shaving off dark hair. It has a cooling system built in. It makes use of a 694.3 nm laser beam.

Only light skin (skin types I and II) can be treated with the Ruby laser.

Who Uses It? : Ruby laser equipment is frequently found in skin care facilities that still use outdated laser hair removal techniques.

Machine Price: The price of a Ruby laser hair removal device ranges from Rs 1.5 lakh to Rs 2 lakh. The cost of laser hair removal treatment in India utilizing this technique is also more reasonable per session because the machine is less expensive than those mentioned before. However, there are significant restrictions associated with using a ruby laser device.

Its benefits include:

When treating light skin with dark, fine hair, it produces outstanding results.

Because of the integrated cooling system, there are little adverse effects.

There is minimal to no downtime required.

Burns and discomfort are also less likely to occur when there is a pause between pulses.

Cons of employing it

due to the decreased pulse repetition rate, it can treat tiny skin-areas. It provides laborious therapy.

For medium, dark, or tanned skin types only.

When applied on any skin tone other than fair, it discolors the skin (and even burns).

adverse effects including brief redness in the treated region are possible.

If you have really fair complexion and thick hair, you could get average results.

based on old technology and facing fierce competition from modern equipment.

Expert Evaluation Ruby laser for advanced hair removal is rarely used in clinics in India. Please make sure you have a patch test before the treatment session if you decide to use this equipment. Only those with lighter skin tones should use this technology.

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The device efficiently stops the creation of new hair by destroying the hair follicles with a long wavelength laser produced by Alexandrite crystals. Dermatologists comfortably treat greater skin regions using this laser technology. To stop hair growth in the desired location, doctors utilize quick pulses.

Can cure all skin types, from fair to olive (skin type I to IV).

Who Uses It? Several cosmetic skin clinics provide Alexandrite laser equipment. This equipment should only be used by a qualified expert who follows tight guidelines and takes all required safety precautions, ideally a dermatologist with certification.

An Alexandrite laser equipment might cost anything from Rs. 8 lakh to Rs. 15 lakh. The price varies according on the manufacturer and product quality, same as the Nd: YAG laser equipment. Because the equipment is more expensive than the other two laser technologies, the cost per session for hair removal using Alexandrite laser therapy is greater than that utilizing Nd: YAG and diode lasers.

Its benefits include:

useful for getting rid of finer, shinier hair.

In addition to treating pale skin, it is also suitable for somewhat darker complexion (olive toned).

Larger regions may have hair removed more quickly using laser technology.

Rapid laser repetition required a shorter session.

Drawbacks of using it:

Not recommended for use on skin that is very dark or dark.

Skin discoloration is a potential side effect.

This is your second-best laser hair removal option after Soprano ICE; consult your dermatologist to determine whether it is right for your skin type.

Here is another well-liked hair removal method that resembles a laser.

Hair Removal IPL Device

Food and Drug Administration IPL stands for “intense pulsed light,” which uses light energy that turns into heat energy when it comes into contact with the melanin in the hair to kill the hair follicles. The most popular hair removal method is IPL. Although it is not a laser in the traditional sense, this popular advanced hair removal technique works on the similar principles of turning light energy into heat energy and damaging hair follicles.

All skin types are suitable for treatment.

Who Uses It? Permanent hair removal treatments are most frequently offered in spas and salons. IPL machines can be used by anybody, which might make the procedure less secure and efficient than other laser devices, which can only be operated by highly skilled specialists.

Machine cost: The IPL equipment is the least expensive of all the permanent hair removal devices. The cost only starts at Rs 5,000 and may go as high as Rs 30,000. It is frequently used by beauty establishments to provide long-term hair reduction procedures. In comparison to the other laser procedures mentioned above, the cost per session is likewise the lowest.

Its benefits include:

It is a rapid and mostly painless procedure.

On light skin, it works well for shaving off dark hair.

Longer skin regions can be treated rapidly.

Drawbacks of using it:

IPL treatments for hair removal do not produce as excellent of outcomes as laser treatments since laser machines employ more focused and targeted laser beams.

It may provide cost-effective advanced hair removal, but because inexperienced professionals often administer the procedure, problems are possible. The formation of light- or dark-colored patches on the skin following the operation is a typical complaint regarding skin discoloration.

Results of hair removal are subpar, according to experts. You will get greater outcomes if you choose laser hair removal.

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Which Professional Laser Hair Removal Device Is Best?

The Soprano ICE laser is the most efficient and secure technology available in the world of professional cosmetic treatments, even though all laser hair removal devices offer long-term hair reduction. Different skin tones and hair types can use it successfully. Depending on the needs of your skin and your budget, your dermatologist may advise using various laser hair removal techniques including Nd: YAG and diode laser.

Knowing everything there is to know about the top laser hair removal technology on the market will help you make an educated choice.

Consult a skilled dermatologist at a reputable skin clinic that offers cutting-edge treatments employing cutting-edge technology if you’re considering a professional laser hair removal procedure, and be ready to flaunt hair-free skin right away!

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