The Effect of Computerized Showcasing on Business in 2020

The effects of computerized showcasing on business in the 2020s will be profoundly felt, as more firms focus on strategic IT integration. For instance, 70 percent of channel companies will concentrate on a new technology area, while 50 percent expect to make substantial gains in emerging technologies. In addition, firms will be more willing to experiment with emerging technology, and will invest in training and skills development. In short, they will be more out of their comfort zone to get ahead.

The biggest concern in the channel industry is labor costs. A majority of these businesses have high-level technical expertise, which can be expensive. Also, these skilled employees are likely to be paid higher salaries, which is an unaffordable luxury in the channel industry. This is a concern, as most channel companies are SMBs with tight budgets. But if you are able to afford the investment in computerized showcasing, the impact will be enormous.

In Conclusion

The major concern for the channel industry is labor costs. The hottest areas for this technology are consumer durables and services. However, hiring workers with advanced technical skills can be challenging, and if you have to hire these employees, they will probably be higher-paid. But since most channel companies are small-scale and on a budget, they can’t afford to pay these high-end employees.

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