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Nowadays, the topic of cosmetic surgery is more open. People who are interested can choose to have surgery without covering up like in the past. medical techniques Including various equipment, tools are advanced, so surgery is not scary anymore. Especially the ‘face lift’ surgery that is done as if you have changed into a new person who looks younger than before. Can a facelift really make a difference like that? THE STANDARD POP had the opportunity to interview Dr. Thananchai Asadamongkol, a plastic surgery specialist. Director of the Cosmetic Surgery Center Bangmod Hospital In order to solve all the doubts that should be known about plastic surgery Especially the new technique of facelift surgery or Modern Facelift, which is a specific technique of Bangmod. That has received a good response from many patients who have undergone facelift surgery. What are the highlights? Age appropriate for facelift including instructions for safe treatment For every question, we have gathered the answers for you.

The true meaning of cosmetic surgery

Dr. Thananchai: from bangmodaesthetic says that cosmetic surgery It is a subsection of plastic surgery from plastic surgery. it will be divided into Reconstruction Surgery and Aesthetic Surgery Reconstruction is like surgery on people with disabilities. make it come back close to normal, such as cleft lip and cleft palate Or wounds from accidents, broken noses, broken faces, burns, scalds, this type of treatment is called a Reconstruction Or cosmetic surgery related to treatment, Aesthetic Surgery is a part of plastic surgery as well. It makes people more beautiful. Through adjusting various parts of the body, which the doctor thinks that cosmetic surgery is both a science and an art, the word science means that we have to make it right according to medical principles Another part at the art side Of course, each person, even if they can do it according to science, but 10 doctors make 10 noses. It’s up to each person’s art and skill. Cosmetic surgeons must have both science and art go hand in hand.

beauty trends perspective

Dr. Thananchai: Beauty trends are something that people are increasingly interested in every year, mainly due to two main reasons: better views or values ​​towards cosmetic surgery. If it was in the past, most of the time for surgery must be concealed. But nowadays people are more accepting. The second is that society’s views on plastic surgery have changed a lot. In the past, people who had plastic surgery were seen as people with physical disabilities. or not beautiful or not handsome, so I need to have surgery After doing it, I don’t want anyone to know. for fear of being seen as a flawed person or not beautiful or not handsome But for today’s general view of people doing plastic surgery. He will see it as taking care of himself. do it to build confidence. Do it to promote and fulfill happiness in life. For some people, save money for surgery as a reward for their lives. Obviously, the views on surgery are more positive.

Dr. Thananchai: In addition to the positive outlook on plastic surgeons nowadays. Another thing that makes people more interested in plastic surgery than before. The technique and surgical technology has improved a lot. In the past, if each surgery was done, it would be swollen and bruised for a long time. The surgical wound is long. After doing that, the results are not natural. But nowadays, the surgery technique is cosmetic surgery with very small incisions, less pain, faster healing, and more natural looking. Therefore, people are increasingly turning to plastic surgery.

Perspectives on medical skills of Thai surgeons

Dr. Thananchai: From a medical point of view Our craftsmanship is equal And in some things we’re better. Actually, it’s multifaceted. Let’s say we are looking at marketing. Many countries have better marketing than us, for example in South Korea where their advertising is very free. Can form Before-After or can form a doctor according to various cut-outs, but in our house there is a law of the Medical Council. There are certain criteria that help protect consumers, which the doctor actually said is a plus. But if we talk in terms of marketing Overseas may have an advantage. But if we compare in the field of medicine, technique, skill or expertise of doctors. The skill of Thai doctors is second to none. for example at international conferences on cosmetic surgery Thai doctors are always invited as speakers. For example, in our Bangmod Hospital, South Korean doctors and Japanese doctors have come to visit. to study techniques with us too Therefore, the medical abilities, materials, equipment and expertise of Thai doctors are not inferior to any other country.

How does a large number of beauty clinics affect the beauty industry?

Dr. Thananchai: The doctor sees it as an advantage. The more you have, the more it will benefit the consumer. can choose where is suitable for himself both in terms of safety medical material The craftsmanship of each doctor including the appropriateness of the budget Therefore, the more beauty clinics there are. The advantage will go back to the surgery person. The more the competition The more each hospital or beauty clinic strives to develop its potential to be better in all areas. Whatever you do, you will get good results. but cost less to reduce costs Finally, various benefits will return to the consumer

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