Roseville car accident: Avoid these mistakes

No trauma can compare to the aftermath of a car accident, especially if you were not the one who caused it. Unfortunately, auto accidents happen often in California, and more often, these mishaps are triggered by reasons like reckless driving, distracted action, and negligence. If you were injured in such a mishap in Roseville, you should pursue legal action and demand a settlement from the party responsible for the same. Of course, the battle won’t be an easy one, and what you do immediately is also relevant. Before anything else, consult a Roseville injury lawyer who understands the state laws and offers comprehensive support. Below we have discussed common mistakes that you must avoid after the accident.

  1. Not calling 911: If you (or someone else) were injured seriously in the accident, call 911 immediately. The emergency responders can arrive at the scene and offer medical care. Even when you don’t have to have endured severe injuries, you need to see a doctor and ensure they know that you were hurt in a car crash.
  2. Not informing the local law enforcement: You are also expected to report the accident to the police without delay. The investigating officer will make a report based on what they find at the scene, and that will come in handy for your claim.
  3. Discussing things with the insurance company: The claims adjuster may seem like someone interested in paying fairly for your losses, but that is a myth. Insurance companies just want a statement they can use to their advantage, and whatever they offer, it is likely to be small.
  4. Repairing your car instantly: Your vehicle is a critical piece of evidence, and unless it is absolutely important, do not get it repaired. It also depends on the extent of the damage to the car, but it is wise to wait.
  5. Not hiring an attorney: Hiring an injury lawyer is a choice, but if you don’t have legal expertise on your side, you may have to agree with the insurance company. Also, the claims adjuster will take you for granted. Not to forget, you are likely to make serious mistakes or not take the battle to court as you don’t have the experience or legal understanding to do that.

Also, ensure you gather everything from the accident scene. Photos or videos can help your lawyer investigate the mishap and make a strong case.

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