Review of Hornady 8327 Ammo – How They Fared at the Range

We’re into our varmint shooting and are always on the lookout for the best rounds available. As such, we decided to buy some Hornady 8327 ammunition to see exactly what they offered in all the important areas. We’re also lucky enough to have a couple of acres behind our home, which allows us to test products out over a longer distance.

So, when we had the notion to do the test, we immediately headed over to Fin Feather Fur and ordered 10 boxes, as we were really going to put these things through their paces. After just 24 hours, they arrived, prompting us to crack out the rifle and get shooting!

Hornady 8327 Rounds Are Super Accurate!

The first thing that we noticed after 20 or so rounds being fired over 100 yards was that these beauties were super accurate, offering 1-2 inch groupings without really having to zero the rifle in. As a round that’s designed for both varmints and other predators, we had high hopes for Hornady 8327 ammo, and we can say that they certainly didn’t disappoint in this regard.

They Were Super Consistent, Too! 

Usually speaking, we would have 1 out of every 10 rounds or so that wouldn’t fly quite as straight and pure as the others. However, that’s not a variance we experienced with these rounds, as we could count how many went off course on the fingers of one hand. Taking account of shooter error, you’d expect much looser grouping when firing so many rounds, so we were impressed.

Clean Burning Accuracy Was Enjoyed

The number of hours we’ve spent cleaning our rifles after a day-long blast down at the right is incalculable, so we were expecting lots of carbon buildup and a high degree of furring of the barrel. After our Hornady 8327 range test, however, we were blown away at the lack of carbon inside – meaning we had to spend a lot less time cleaning afterwards – which is always a bonus.

No Duds or Misfires Either

Another area in which the round excelled was reliability. After firing off all 200 rounds, we realised that we didn’t have a single misfire. There were no loading issues at all, no ejection issues and absolutely no gas stoppages. Sure, we maintain our rifles well, but you’d still expect at least 1 or 2 issues. No such problems for these babies.

Hornady 8327 – One of the Best Varmint Rounds Around

We’ve tested many rounds behind our home, and we can say that these Hornady bullets are right up there in terms of quality, reliability, clean burning and consistency.

Are there better rounds on the market for this purpose? Probably, but we’ve yet to see them, but they may be out there somewhere. No, in terms of vermin and varmint hunting, we’d be happy to switch today if the cost were just a little lower. All in all, though, we can’t see a single reason not to consider this bullet.

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