Preserving Evidence After A Motor Accident

If you have been in a motor accident, the days that are right after are of crucial importance. Planning to file an insurance claim is going to require all manner of evidence and it is up to you to make sure to preserve it. Documentation of injuries and other evidence is what will make or break your case.

Here are some ways that Naqvi Accident Injury Law preserves evidence for victims of motor accidents.

Going to the Scene of the Accident

The first thing that the lawyer who has been assigned the case is going to do is to go to the scene of the accident. Getting photographic evidence is crucial and the earlier it is done after the accident, the easier it will be.

All manner of photographs of the accident scene will need to be taken and keeping eyes and ears open while the investigation is on is necessary. So many little things may be missed out if care is not taken. A broken traffic signal or the main street light that does not work.

Going back to the scene is also a good way of finding out if there are any witnesses to the accident. A great idea is to go at a time when the accident happened, such as daytime or afternoon. This will help you capture better photos.

Protection of Physical Evidence

Another thing that is necessary to do for the collection of evidence is the protection of all documents. Physical evidence such as the damages that have happened to a car because of the accident is crucial to determine the insurance claim amount.

Preserve the evidence just as it is and when it is impossible to do so, take photos. They can prove that the evidence is there and can be taken to a court of law.

Tips for Taking Photos

If you have a good smartphone camera, you can use it. It is enough to take great photos of the accident site and evidence. You may use an older model camera but ensure that it takes crisp photos. Also, make sure to take pictures from many different angles. A timestamp is an excellent thing to have on your photos.

Get Good Witnesses

In a motor accident, witnesses can play an important part. They can say exactly what happened during the accident and can be useful in building an insurance claim. So try and find any witnesses and take their statements. To make witnesses more valuable, a great idea is to try and contact them as soon as possible after the accident. This is going to be good to get their stories straight before they forget.

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Gathering and collecting evidence is such a crucial aspect of filing an insurance claim after a motor accident. It is going to be a major part of determining how much the compensation amount is going to be. So preserving evidence is crucial and something that a reputed attorney will be able to do with ease.

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