Panoxyl PM Overnight Spot Patches – Why Not Everyone’s Work

As a person suffering from the discomfort of skin breakouts, the obvious step is to invest in one of the many brands of acne treatment that exist on the market. One of the many options to make life easier with acne is PanOxyl PM overnight spot patches, which provide an intensely-soothing action, allowing spots that break the skin’s surface to be healed.

The thing is, if you look through the reviews of products like these, there will be a few people who boldly claim that they’re ineffective or not able to do what the advertising said they would. The problem is to get the full benefits, a certain sequence of steps and behaviors must be carried out.

“Why Don’t My PanOxyl PM overnight spot patches stay on?”

If you’re finding that your spot patches keep falling off after a short while, it’s most probably not the product letting you don’t – as they are super sticky! Instead, it’s more likely that the surface you’ve placed them onto has not been properly prepared prior to application.

What you need to know – if you didn’t already – is that your skin needs to be fully cleansed and dried before you apply your spot patches. You see, when there’s too much moisture, dirt or oil on your skin, it’s very difficult for your PanOxyl PM overnight spot patches to grab on and stay there.

As such, you should apply your patch after cleansing but before you apply any product. Once it’s fixed into place, you can apply products over it, and it will stay where it is. In fact, once it’s properly adhered, you could even have a shower without it coming off!

“I Can’t Seem to Apply My Patches” 

In the same way that certain people have a problem starting a roll of adhesive tape, some have trouble actually getting the patches off the backing sheet they come on. It’s a relatively common problem, but one with a simple solution – just tear down the (perforated) line before you remove them.

This approach with make sure that your patches come off smoothly and easily avoid the common issue where you try too many times and curl up your patches at the sides.

“My Spot Matches Did Nothing to the Spot!” 

In addition to preparing your skin and removing the patches correctly, you also need to understand which types of acne they’re meant to be used for. Ideally, spot patches are for small whiteheads/blackheads that have broken the surface, giving the hydrocolloid something to heal and draw the poison from.

So, if you try and use pimple patches like these on acne that’s deep under the skin, such as nodules and cysts, there’s nothing it can do. There’s no wound and no way of drawing out all the pus, dead skin and oil. For these types of spots, it’s a pretty pointless exercise.

Get the Promised Results From Your PanOxyl PM Overnight Spot Patches 

Spot patches like these have gone through years of development, meaning that they’re proven to be highly effective at their job – healing erupted spots. To get the results promised in the advertising, you need to follow the correct preparation and apply them correctly.

These products are completely useless, however, if the skin isn’t broken, so don’t waste any of them on nodules, cysts or any spots that are yet to fully bloom. Do all this, and you’ll get the advertised results – which means looking forward to a clear complexion.

It’s got to be worth learning how best to use them, right?

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