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Linkedin Etiquette: Do’s and Don’ts

“The organic growth is massive right now, and every business needs to get on Linkedin.” Gary Vee. 

Once upon a time, etiquette rules were fairly simple; Remember to send a thank-you card, don’t talk with your mouth full, and say please and thank you. Today, the rules of etiquette have evolved thanks to social media and globalization.

What is “Linkedin Etiquette”and why is it prominent?

First, let’s dig into some stats; Linkedin is the largest professional and business platform with over 830 million members and 58 million registered companies. In fact, for every second you spend reading my article, there are 3 new members registering on Linkedin. 

The networking platform is home to potential and existing customers, partners, employers and vendors. And opposite to all the other popular globalized platforms, you don’t need to spend a single dime on advertising to present yourself to the right executive or CFO.

Whether you are a business, recruiter, or searching for a new career, these linkedin etiquette tips for do’s (thumbs up) and don’t (thumbs down) are sure to thrive connections and opportunities, 

Let’s delve into it. 

Do: Fulfill a complete profile 

An approachable profile includes a headshot image, background cover, tagline, professional summary and skills. According to LinkedIn, people who have written 5 skill sets or more, are most likely to receive 17x more profile views. 

You don’t need to share every negligible detail from previous work experiences, but a well written description of your role during each epoch of your career leads to lucidity and trust. Watch this video to help you get started. Tip: Adding a video makes you more approachable and human-like.

Don’t: Have a faceless profile. 

Is there any credibility to your profile if there is no face behind it? It might be encouraging to learn that members with a profile photo can receive up to 21x the amount of views. 

Do: Be honest about your professional experience. 

Managing a professional reputation is highly valuable.Transparency displays trust, openness, and leads to constructive communication. Keep in mind that being honest does not equal to downplaying your skills and  accomplishments. 

Don’t: Lie on your profile. 

Misrepresentation and lying can lead to job loss, so this one is pretty straightforward. Besides, you are easily searchable and background checks are a thing. 

Do: Keep posts engaging and professional.

No one likes oversharing, particularly if the oversharing is about things irrelevant to you or a professional growth. If you have a new promotion, an informative article that you’ve written, or a valuable job opportunity then chances are your network will want to hear about it.

Don’t: Not turn off your activity when making changes to your profile.

Since LinkedIn has good privacy and settings metrics, you can easily turn off your activity underneath privacy controls (found by clicking on your photo in the top right-hand corner). This way, you can discreetly update or edit sections of your profile without having your entire network informed about every little edit. 

Do: Personalize every single connection request

This “Do” is prevalent- customize requests and invites with a message. Think about it, would you rather receive a regular invitation with  “I’d like to connect with you on LinkedIn,” or personalize your invite with “Hi, Rene! I found you through our mutual connection — , seems you are knowledgeable about — and it would be nice to connect with you.” Let’s put our best foot forward. 

Don’t: Send requests more than twice

Don’t be a pest and send requests more than twice. While we are on the topic, avoid randomly sending invites to anyone you don’t know. 

Do: Share dynamic content based on your audience.

To keep your network engaged and delving back for more, you should plan and streamline a targeted content-creation process. A solid start is to search and optimize the right keywords and write striking, attention-grabbing headlines. 

To help you create engaging content and grow your business using linkedin, here are a few simple tips and tricks: 


Don’t: Share irrelevant or redundant information for financial gain or to boost visibility 

This will only annoy your network. In addition, leaving negative or unrelated comments to the post can encourage your network to SPAM you, fast.

Do: Connect with individuals who work at your dream company

Did you know 97% of the Fortune 500 are LinkedIn customers? Do your due diligence and grow your footprint by connecting with individuals that work at your dream company. Present yourself in a respectful manner, personalize messages, and share dynamic content relevant to their industry to captivate their attention.

Don’t: Treat Linkedin like a dating site. 

This Don’t is a big no no and a quick way to lose rapport. Avoid messaging anyone “Hello Beautiful” or “can I have your number” … you get the drift. 

Do: Turn connections into future customers. 

Attract followers and build brand awareness; Make a positive impression by asking potential clients what you can do for them. To show your support, you can endorse skills on Linkedin and even get endorsed in return- boosting your profile!

More importantly, a call to action button or link prompts your network to do what you want them to do. Take advantage of a free calendar scheduler and add your booking link to your profile so potential customers can easily schedule a (video) call or visit with you. 

Don’t: Try to sell them as soon as they accept your connection. 

Instead, ask what you can do for them;  Assimilate their feedback to perceive how your product or service can create value based on their needs. Only then you should create a plan to evolve connections into revenue.

Do: Create an email targeted list. 

More than 75% of marketers believe LinkedIn is one of the best social media platforms for digital marketing. Do build a comprehensive LinkedIn email list if you want to strengthen your email marketing strategy.

Don’t: Add connections to your email list without consent. 

First, ask your contacts if they would like to receive your newsletter. Avoid the nonchalant way of, “Would you like to be added to my email list?” Instead, create value and offer an incentive defining what’s in it for them.

The bottom line

Whether you’re searching for a new job, recruiting for a new skill, or expanding your professional network, Linkedin is the platform to expose yourself professionally. Maintain a respectful reputation and rapport by establishing Linkedin etiquette with these do’s and don’t. 

Author’s Bio: Taraneh Nasseri is a content creator and product marketer for Yocale Network Corp. When she is not delving into the creativity of research and writing, she enjoys playing tennis and attending professional networking events. 

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