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Kanopy is a free on-demand streaming video service for libraries and universities. Its content includes documentaries and films. The service is free to users, but it pays content owners on a pay-per-view model. It also provides a variety of educational resources. If you have an account, you can watch videos and download content to watch later.

The service provides thousands of films, including new releases and festival favorites. It also features films that explore various perspectives and worldviews. It also offers curated recommendations and staff picks. There’s even kids programming, which features engaging videos for young minds. Kanopy is a great way to get kids interested in the arts and learn more about the world. It will help them develop healthy relationships with others and foster creativity.

After logging into the Kanopy website, users can choose from a variety of films and television shows. They can browse genres or search for titles by title. They can also add a title to their Watchlist. Moreover, they can also update their personal profile and watchlist by visiting their User Dashboard.

Kanopy offers a large catalog of movies, with more than 30,000 titles available. Its streaming library allows the Sonoma County Library to provide access to popular collections such as foreign and independent films, and the Criterion Collection. In addition, Kanopy also offers award-winning documentaries and four Great Courses every month. Moreover, the service is available on multiple platforms, including mobile devices, TV, and Roku devices.

NoBudge is a monthly online film festival that showcases a diverse selection of indie films, curated by founder and programmer Kentucker Audley. His goal is to give a home to emerging indie filmmakers by offering them a platform to show their work. He also wants NoBudge to be a trusted discovery resource for indie film lovers everywhere.

Originally, NoBudge was a blog on Tumblr, but in 2015, the site expanded to a full website. It now features new films every day, and subscribers can watch them on their Roku, Apple TV, and Android devices. The streaming service costs $5.99 per month and 60 percent of the revenue is given back to the filmmakers.

NoBudge is an online film festival that celebrates independent work, with a focus on DIY visions and low-budget cinema. The festival also celebrates dance/music videos and features based on youth culture and student culture. Streaming subscribers can sign up for monthly or yearly subscriptions, and they automatically renew at the end of the subscription cycle.


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