How to Photograph Jewelry Successfully

There are a few tips for capturing the beauty of your favorite jewelry, but the most important step is to choose the right background. Avoid using a cluttered or a dirty background. Make sure that the light is soft and avoid using a built-in flash, which makes jewelry look muddy and hard to edit out. Use a soft, diffused light, with very little shadows. Lastly, try to keep the background as simple as possible.

When photographing jewelry, think like a customer. Use a wide angle lens to expand the details of your products. Standard lenses have a 50-55 degree diagonal angle. Also, avoid shooting jewelry against reflective surfaces. These can cause reflections and mess up your lighting setup. A white background helps your customers feel more confident when they purchase jewelry online. To photograph your jewelry successfully, take a few trial shots. Eventually, you’ll be an expert!

Lighting is a key component of jewelry photography. Natural light is always best, but if you don’t have a window, you can buy artificial light sources from Amazon. If you’re just starting out, you can purchase a lighting kit to experiment with different lighting techniques. bestnewshunt Start small and experiment with the lighting and camera settings until you find the right setup. Once you get the hang of your camera, you can experiment with lighting techniques and learn which ones produce the best results.

According to Surrey wedding photographer Moritz Schmittat, using a macro lens is the best choice for shooting jewelry, whether at a wedding or commercially for a jewelry brand. Because jewelry is usually small, you need to use a macro lens for the best results. The average kit lens only goes as wide as F/3.5, which is equal to 18mm. A dedicated macro lens is a good choice if you want to capture every detail of your necklace or bracelet. It is a very expensive lens, but it will allow you to capture the subject at an even closer distance than usual.

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