How to come up with a company name

In any business, the name of the company is very important. The success of the company directly depends on the name. The name of the company is the first thing the consumer sees when choosing a product and service. It should not cause unpleasant associations and negative emotions.  To increase awareness, you need to come up with an original name that will separate you from your competitors and will be remembered by the audience. But most importantly, do not overdo it. The name of the company should be pleasant to the ear.  Are you planning to go global? Make sure that the name of your company does not cause unpleasant associations in the exporting country. So, you will avoid erroneous opinions about your company from foreign consumers.

Ways to come up with a company:

Coming up with a company name is a very difficult and responsible business. It is better to use the Latin alphabet. So, the audience will be wider. If you want your company to remain in history, then you need a unique company name. It is important to avoid such names. The name can be based on the surname and patronymic of the founder of the company. Or just initials with capital letters. A huge number of brands of clothing, shoes, bags, accessories, cosmetics are named after the creators:Louis Vuitton, Saint Laurent, Gucci, Dior, Chanel, Dolce & Gabbana, Fendi and others. These are world-famous giant companies.  With a long history and an excellent reputation. The same story with car brands. Ford, Porsche, Toyota, Maybach, Chrysler, Ferrari are the names of the creators. Jack Daniel’s alcoholic beverage is also named after the creator. In the circle of family and relatives, you have a nickname, perhaps childishly naive or funny, use it, experiment with the surname. After all, this way you will have a unique name.


The technique is based on the repetition of identical or homogeneous consonant sounds. At the same time, a special expressiveness is created and anchoring occurs in memory. Examples: ChupaChups, Coca-Cola, KitKat, Pampers. The process of creating a company name is interesting and fascinating.

The most important thing is that your name should be:


as clear as possible for the consumer;

easy to pronounce;


Finding the right name for your company is hard work! You know your company best of all. Therefore, you need a name that emphasizes the individuality of your company. Create your original company name using the Turbologo name generator. Our generator works on the basis of artificial intelligence.  It will take a few minutes and will not require any design skills.


The main thing is to decide in which niche your business will develop. To study the existing names of competitors.

It is important to choose the right font, the size of the name. The color and background of the name are also important lobiastore.

After all, the name of your company will be printed on business cards, booklets, pens, and employee uniforms.

* Are you the owner of a flower shop? Use bright colors: yellow, purple, red, pink, green, orange. Write “Flowers” where each letter is painted separately with bright colors.

* Does your company organize weddings and children’s parties?

Seven colors of the rainbow can be used safely or as a full palette. The name “Happy Holiday”, “Smile”, are perfect.

* Do you own a car wash? In this case, you can simply write “Car wash” and draw a car next to it. The color scheme here is beige, gray, white.

* Have you opened a store for children’s toys and goods? How do you like the simple and understandable name “Children’s World”?

You can draw small animals: a bear, a bunny, a kitten, a puppy. Cartoon characters. Even children will understand.

Use your imagination and thoughts carefully. Take your time. Be sure that the resources spent will meet your expectations. But if you like to keep everything under control, then our online Turbologo name generator is always ready to help.

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