How Do I Get Full Custody Of My Child In the USA?

Parents attempting to gain full custody of a kid during a custody dispute should be prepared for a difficult struggle. Full custody varies from joint custody in that one parent is granted legal and physical custody rather than both parents.

However, before pursuing full custody, you should consider your motivations. Do you desire full custody to punish your child’s other parent, or do you truly believe they are unsuited to share custody? Trying to prevent contact with your ex-spouse is not a good cause to seek full custody. For more legal advice, check this website.

In most cases, family courts across the country agree that joint custody is the best arrangement for the kid. This arrangement allows the kid to have regular contact with both parents. Unless the other parent poses a substantial risk to your kid and has a history of risky conduct, you should reconsider your objective of obtaining full custody.

Getting full custody 

Full custody is also known as sole custody. In a full custody agreement, one parent is the custodial parent, with the other parent receiving substantial visiting rights as decided by the court. Unless visitation is not in the kid’s best interests, a court will normally award non-custodial parent visiting privileges.

How to get full custody 

  • Consider your child’s best interests.
  • Find a trustworthy attorney (if your budget permits).
  • Learn about your state’s rules and regulations.
  • Determine why your child is safer (or better off) with you.
  • Fill out the applicable forms and supply the necessary documentation.
  • Take note of your demeanor in court.
  • In court, dress properly.
  • Be ready and courteous to everyone present at the hearing.
  • Respect the court’s final decision, even if it is not what you wanted.

Factors affecting full custody 

Parents seeking full custody should evaluate the following criteria, which may be decisive in court:

  • Best interests of the child 

Usually, the family court decides that parents should split custody of a kid. A parent seeking full custody should be prepared to show clearly why shared custody would not be in the kid’s best interests, such as if the other parent has a history of drug abuse or of leaving the child home alone for lengthy periods.

  • Courtroom demeanor 

A judge may decide whether a parent is fit for full custody in part based on the parent’s manner in court. For example, if a parent wishes to get complete custody, they should refrain from interfering with the procedures and try to retain their cool while avoiding emotional outbursts.

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