Hiring an injury attorney in Bellevue? Look for these positive signs!

Following a slip & fall injury or a car crash in Bellevue, you may want to seek legal help before filing a claim. While you can file an insurance claim without an attorney, it is probably not the best way to approach the situation. Insurance companies often try numerous ways to undermine claims, and the at-fault party will deny their role in causing the accident for obvious reasons. If you are looking for a seasoned Bellevue personal injury attorney, we recommend that you check for the positive signs listed below.

They are interested in meeting you immediately

Personal injury claims are often time-sensitive, primarily because if you don’t collect evidence and details immediately, your case may not be as strong. A good lawyer is someone who takes your call and schedules a meeting without delay. The prompt response is one of the first good traits of a reliable lawyer.

They answer your questions

As a client, you should ask these questions when you meet an injury lawyer –

  1. How long have you been practicing personal injury law in Bellevue?
  2. Have you handled claims with similar circumstances? If yes, what were the outcomes?
  3. Will you represent me in court if necessary?
  4. Can you share client references? What are your top settlements so far?
  5. What’s the worth of my damages? How quickly can you settle the case?

An experienced lawyer will understand your situation and offer you detailed answers to all relevant questions. If someone is too hesitant to talk about their experience and work, you know they probably don’t have the skills they claim.

They are communicative

You shouldn’t have to try hard to contact an attorney. Once the lawyer agrees to take the case, they should ideally share details of their existing team and offer you contact information for further communication. Please note that personal injury claims in Bellevue can take time to settle, and therefore, don’t expect an update every week.

They don’t ask for money right away

An injury lawyer will not ask for money until you win. This is the standard norm for such claims and lawsuits in Washington, and in return, the lawyer will get a discussed share of the settlement. The arrangement is on a contingency basis, although you are liable for other things like expenses related to the lawyer’s investigation and traveling pertaining to the case. 

Most law firms in Bellevue also don’t charge anything to evaluate potential injury lawsuits, which is another reason to get legal advice.

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