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If you’re looking for a convenient and affordable way to access primary care, HealthTap may be a good option. It offers a telehealth service that uses artificial intelligence to classify and prioritize medical issues, as well as to advise patients.

It also allows you to receive prescription and lab orders, see your results online, and get referrals to specialists when needed. Moreover, it’s accessible for everyone, including those without insurance coverage.

What is HealthTap?

HealthTap is a primary care telehealth service that helps people access doctors round-the-clock from the comfort of their home or workplace. It offers both urgent care and primary care services to its members at competitive prices.

It uses proprietary technology to match patients with U.S. board-certified doctors to deliver Urgent Care and ongoing Primary Care at scale.

The company’s members can connect with doctors from any digital device with a short wait time, submit written questions, and use HealthTap’s AI-powered symptom checker to determine what next steps are needed for their care.

As a result, it can help patients avoid unnecessary urgent care or emergency room visits. It also allows them to receive doctor-ordered prescriptions, order lab tests, and see results online.

HealthTap is a telehealth company

HealthTap is a telehealth company that uses its interactive health network to connect patients with doctors and healthcare experts. It also offers mobile apps that allow people to ask questions, receive written advice, and speak with physicians in a video chat.

Doctors on HealthTap are able to answer basic questions about general health and wellness, as well as provide recommendations for treatments. They can also help members avoid needless urgent care and ER visits, obtain doctor-ordered prescriptions, order lab tests, see results online, and refer members to specialists.

HealthTap’s free service is largely based on information that doctors have voluntarily provided to the platform. This information is compiled into a huge library of knowledge that can be used by anyone signing in to the app.

HealthTap is a primary care provider

HealthTap is a primary care telehealth service that offers a range of services for both individuals and employers. Members can connect with doctors round the clock via video or text, get consultations, and order prescriptions and lab tests if required.

The platform has doctors from a number of specialties, including family health, mental health, sexual and travel medicine, and chronic care. All physicians on the network have gone through a rigorous verification process and must be board-certified and hold medical licenses.

The company provides one-to-one virtual consultations with qualified doctors based on a member’s symptoms and reason for visiting. The doctor will provide advice and answer questions in a confidential session for free.

HealthTap is a telemedicine company

HealthTap is a telemedicine company that delivers virtual primary care and urgent care services to individuals, health systems, insurance companies, and self-insured employers. It offers live video consultations and text chats with U.S. licensed physicians via the web or mobile devices using HealthTap’s iPhone and Android apps.

Healthtap also provides its members with free access to an automated symptom checker and personalized answers to anonymous health questions within a day through the HealthTap Doctor Network, which is comprised of more than 90,000 U.S. doctors across 147 specialties.

Patients may also use HealthTap to order lab tests, get referrals to specialists, and receive reminders for follow-up appointments. They can also ask for and receive a prescription or refill from their doctor through HealthTap’s Rx pharmacy.

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