Distracted Driving Examples

All it takes is one text or phone call to ruin everything. This is logical. You might lose your life in those little moments when you look away from the road. Contact a Radcliff Car Accident Lawyer

Having an Impact on Us

Recent studies have shown driver distraction or inattention as the leading contributor to collisions and near-collisions. The same research indicates that within three seconds before an accident, distracted driving contributed to over 80% of all crashes and 65% of near-crash incidents. Despite the fact that we are aware of the risks associated with distracted driving, this issue is becoming worse.

Statistics on Texting and Driving

Over 57,000 accidents in Kentucky in 2018 were reported to have involved driver distraction. 139 people died as a result of these collisions. According to recent research, using your phone while driving reduces your concentration on driving by 37%. Even though these figures are lower than in past years, distracted driving must be eradicated entirely.

The Best Treatment is prevention.

Different behaviors constitute distracted driving. You sometimes engage in one, even though you may not be aware of it. Common activities, including talking to passengers, eating, drinking, changing the radio, and using cell phones, are common causes of driving inattention. 

Let us discuss these distractions in more detail and how we can keep ourselves from using them while driving. Among the various types of inattentive driving are:

  • Other electronic gadgets and cell phones – Electronic gadgets, such as cell phones, are a significant source of distraction. Before you get behind the wheel, please put these gadgets away, so you will not be tempted to glance at them.
  • Kids – Kids are wonderful, but they can distract you when attempting to drive. Make sure the backseat belts on your children are fastened securely. To keep children in place, make sure their seat belts are tight. If your kid starts screaming out of nowhere, stop or pull over. Until you have calmed them down, avoid driving. To occupy them, give them a chance to hold their favorite toy or book.
  • Animals: Use a harness system to secure your pet properly. Letting them sit on your lap or move around the vehicle unrestrained might be distracting. Anything, including a bone or toy, will do to keep them engaged.
  • Hair, cosmetics, and clothes should never be adjusted while driving. Adjust your clock and get up early to prepare when the car starts.
  • Eating and drinking are both risky, even if they are handy. Avoid eating or drinking while operating a motor vehicle. If you can help it, try to stay away from spill-prone or messy meals. Eat just finger foods.

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