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The Datil pepper is an extremely versatile spice. This small, fruity pepper has a heat index similar to habaneros. On the Scoville scale, this pepper measures spiciness. The flavor is sweet and tangy with a hint of heat. It’s best used fresh and in sauces rather than being preserved. However, if you’re using it for food preparation, consider putting it in ketchup.

A datil pepper can be used to spice up your favorite dishes, and they are popular in Minorcan recipes. This spicy pepper can be found in local restaurants and grocery stores, and is popular in many recipes. You can even make your own condiments and jellies with datil pepper. You can find a variety of flavors at the annual Datil Pepper Festival, held every October. The event includes a competition between local chefs for the best datil-spiked dish, and the winners are awarded a trophy.

In Last

Datil peppers are grown year-round and are not commonly available in grocery stores. You may have to look for them at farmer’s markets. The St. John’s County Pier hosts a weekly Farmer’s Market, and the Old City Farmer’s Market at the St. Augustine Amphitheatre is another good place to find datil peppers. At these markets, local farmers sell their hot peppers and other products. They also offer samples.

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