Comparing Surfshark against Cyberghost VPN: Which VPN is better?

Which of these VPNs to choose: Surfshark VPN, or pays off Cyberghost VPN? We compared features of both VPNs with each other, whereby the result of comparison is 8.1/10 : 7.1/10.

Connection speed Surfshark VPN vs Cyberghost VPN, which is higher?

By VPNs, it pays to look especially at speed, which also applies to Surfshark and Cyberghost VPN.

The download speed of the first VPN was 155 Mb/s, the compared VPN downloaded data at average speed 169 Mb/s. Surfshark VPN turned out to be about 14 Mb/s slower against Cyberghost VPN.

The upload speed indicates the upload, for Surfshark VPN we measured 84 Mb/s. Cyberghost VPN we measured the speed 85 Mb/s, so it is 1 Mb/s faster.

The first VPN in the speed test achieves 10 ms. To competitor Cyberghost VPN , script exposed 12 ms. For the response speed, the lower value is more advantageous, therefore Surfshark turned out to be 2 ms worse.

Score Surfshark : Cyberghost VPN is 7/10 : 7/10.

Will thrived Surfshark VPN play movies from Netflix?

Sufficient download speed is important for smooth Netflix unblocking Surfshark VPN this option handles. Usually, you just need to start the VPN and select the appropriate country, Cyberghost VPN foreign Netflix unblock knows.

If you have a VPN, you can unblock YouTube videos that are hidden in your location. Cyberghost VPN such a skill has. Second VPN function for unblock YouTube videos has.

For VPNs, we also recommend keeping an eye on other functions, such as DNS leak protection, multi-hop connection, and  whitelist. As proof Surfshark offers DNS protection and Cyberghost VPN again offers whitelist.

In the function’s comparison, the score is 10/10 : 10/10.

How is going Surfshark VPN in the number of servers and countries on offer?

A low supply of VPN servers can cause low speed, Surfshark offers 3 200  servers. In the app Cyberghost VPN we calculated 7 900  servers. So, the first one offers them about 4700 less .

Likewise, important is the number of countries, for Cyberghost VPN during the 89. The second compared VPN offers 68, so about 21 less. Then in this measurement of forces loses.

Also significant is the number of simultaneously connectable devices, of which Surfshark VPN can unlimited. Cyberghost VPN will allow to connect at the same time 7 devices. For full list of the features, see the article cheapest VPN.

What platforms offers Surfshark and which offers Cyberghost VPN?

When choosing a VPN, you need to check the supported devices, Surfshark supports Android operating system and covers iPhone device system, compared Cyberghost VPN iPhones with iOS covers, Android devices will handle protect.

The provision of information about VPN traffic is governed by the jurisdiction of the country where the VPN operator is based. Surfshark is located in the British Virgin Islands. The company operating the second of compared VPNs is based in Romania.

Program Surfshark is not available in other languages Cyberghost VPN to other languages also cannot be set.

In the battle of the platforms achieved Surfshark VPN a grade 10/10, Cyberghost VPN has 10/10.

Subscription price of Surfshark VPN vs. Cyberghost VPN

Cyberghost VPN you can have just for $2 monthly, the second of the VPNs you can subscribe from $2 monthly. The grade for both VPNs for value for money is 10/10 for the first VPN and 9/10 for the second named.

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