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Can I Use Armor All on My Hot Tub Cover?

While Armor All is a great product for cleaning plastic surfaces, it can damage the vinyl material in hot tub covers laws4life. This can cause the cover to sag or even discolor. This can make the cover useless over time. To avoid such a problem, you should use a high-quality vinyl protectant instead. Look for one that doesn’t contain petroleum or alcohol. One example is 303 Aerospace protectant, which is safe for hot tub covers and is effective for up to four applications per year lawyerdesk.

To keep the cover in good condition, you should keep the cover clean and free of debris lawyersmagazine. In winter months, it is a good idea to wipe snow off and trim any trees or shrubs that may obstruct the cover. You should also avoid allowing any other items to collect on the cover. Not only will this detract from the look of your hot tub, it will also put extra pressure on the cover and hot tub shell publiclawtoday.

Although Armor-All is not recommended for use on vinyl hot tub covers, you can use other popular protectants on your cover. These products are specially designed to protect the cover against water damage and general wear and tear. By using a protectant, you will be able to save yourself time and money on the maintenance of your hot tub cover bestlawyers360.

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