6 clear examples of workplace harassment worth knowing

Federal laws and New Jersey state laws prohibit workplace discrimination. Sadly, employees ensure harassment across sectors, and more often than not, they are unaware of their rights. If you believe you are a victim of discrimination, you need to seek legal consultation. A knowledgeable employment lawyer can review the situation to determine the legal options you can consider for the case. For your help, here are common examples of workplace harassment.

  1. Racial Harassment: If you have been subjected to comments or actions that are related to your race, origin, or skin color, it is a case of racial harassment. It could be related to degrading comments, sharing racial jokes, or acting as if someone is displeased to be around you because of your race.
  2. Quid pro quo harassment: This is a form of sexual harassment where a supervisor or anyone in power forces someone to provide sexual favors in return for a promotion or other favor. For instance, your manager might have asked you to go on a date so as to give a positive performance review.
  3. Hostile work environment: This is a type of sexual harassment that involves making the work environment awful for an employee to work productively. If someone is constantly passing remarks on your body, shape, or gender, it could be a case of a hostile work environment.
  4. Age-based discrimination: The Age Discrimination in Employment Act is meant to protect workers who are aged 40 or above. There are several examples of age-based discrimination, such as ignoring someone for projects or meetings or teasing someone because of their age.
  5. Religious harassment: If you have been harassed because of your religious beliefs, you have the right to take action. Examples would include intolerance toward certain holidays, traditions, and customers or passing crude religious jokes.
  6. Sexual Orientation-Based Harassment: If you are being mocked for your sexual orientation or denied your right to get a deserved promotion, this is a case of sexual orientation-based harassment. While this is a form of sexual harassment, cases are often unique.

Call an attorney

Employment lawyers know that discrimination cases are complicated and require detailed investigation. They will take all appropriate steps to ensure that one doesn’t get bullied by their employer. Most lawyers take an hourly rate or retainer fee, but when the case involves financial compensation, your attorney may work on a contingency fee too. Meet the lawyer to discuss how you can handle the consequences and protect your interests and job.

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